Posted by: Ade | February 16, 2011

Requirements Composer – some great content in beta 2

Great demo by Robin Bater of IBM showing the capabilities of the RRC 3 beta 2a release.

It appears to me that the queries that are delivered with the tool and ones that you write yourself will be key in making the best use of the tool, they need to be aligned with what the customer is trying to understand from there ALM setup.

Robin goes on to show how easy it is to show all high priority items that are in Release 1 that have unattempted tests – that got me thinking that we must be able to come up with a set  of queries that cover most situations – add them to this post !!

Review processes look very powerful and just like all other Jazz based tooling are very visible on the dashboards – ease of collaboration is key here.

One thing that I have always liked about RRC is its ability to allow people to be expressive with sketches, allowing non technical folk to to get involved in the Requirements process. Now with beta 2 this all comes via a web browser, no eclipse client to install.


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