Posted by: thomage | February 21, 2011

RTC with go faster stripes

While Rational Team Concert was designed to work efficiently over a WAN, sometimes our WAN lets us down. Where network infrastructure is poor, or the pipe just isn’t sized… a caching sever comes to the rescue.


One such example is Squid which can be set up as caching accelerator proxy for your RTC client to reference in place of a direct server call. It works by caching frequent requests made to the server and storing them for local reuse. So instead of referencing your Jazz Team Server URI from your RTC client, you would instead connect to the Squid proxy server which can in turn, forward requests onto the Jazz Team Server. This results in much improved response times as well as reduced network traffic and server load.


Squid is widely used including by our very own development team in IBM for I’ve seen various improvement gains from using it from 50% faster to 10 times faster. Given that it is currently freeware, it is definitely worth trying out – even if you don’t have a slow network.


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