Posted by: Neal Middlemore | February 23, 2011

Adding process enactment – Systems and Software Engineering Accelerator


When using tools such as Rational DOORS or Rational Rhapsody, it is often that case that some people use the tools all the time to follow the development process whilst other users may only use tools rarely. This is especially true in systems environments where there are long development lifecycles ( I have worked with some customers where certain users only interacted with the RM tools about every FOUR years!!). In order to provide additional value to development tools, Rational has just released the Systems and Software Engineering Accelerator. The basic function of the accelererator is to provide process enactment through the use of Rational Team Concert work items.

What this means in practice is that a process website published from Rational Method Composer is deployed on to your RTC server. The process and work item templates that align to the process steps are also deployed to your RTC instance, this allows you to create a set of work items from a template that corresepond to a specific set of activities within your process. These work items can then be assigned to various team members and also be added to your plan in RTC. You can then automatically monitor your progress through your process (great for managers). The recipient of a work item will also see that there is a link to more detail in the description field of the work item, this links to the process website you deployed to the RTC server, it contains the process steps, inputs/outputs and tool mentors to show you how to use the tools for that purpose as well as more qualititive things such as what a good stakeholder requirement looks like.

There is a great demo of this available here that utilises DOORS Web Access/RTC / Rhapsody and Rational Quality Manager.


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