Posted by: mrswvaughan | March 4, 2011

Does CIO stand for Career is over?

So what happens when the economy improves and the CEO demands that you begin to launch some of those great ideas that have been collecting dust on the shelf for the past 15-18 months?  If you were the CIO what would you say?

A truthful but somewhat career-limiting response could be:

“Hey, look, I agree with you philosophically, but the problem is I don’t have any money left to help us grow because it’s all being used exactly the way it was 10 or even 15 years ago.”

Over the past two years many of the people I’ve met from both the public and private sector tell me that they believe they spend far too much of their IT budget just keeping the lights on. They see a great opportunity to be part of the growth engine for the business and they’re frustrated that the IT department are stuck as a tactical cost centre.

Whilst there is no one silver bullet to turn this situation around I’m seeing a real re-focus on the existing application asset base which can yield areas for improvement. What duplication do we have there? Are we spending a lot of time supporting particular applications? What applications are core to competitive advantage? Where do we see risks and issues? Being able to provide answers to some of these questions helps to provide insight and control into where the IT budget is being spent and it’s an exciting time for us in Rational to be able to provide enabling technology to help drive down cost and free-up budget to introduce new s capabilities.


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