Posted by: Anthony Kesterton | March 29, 2011

Beyond “I accept this license agreement”

Some people think the moment they buy the tooling – everything else just happens.  “We would never think like that” you might say as the experienced reader, but look at your behaviour and that of your colleagues.  Did you really think about the steps beyond getting software installed.  Who is going to look after the new shiny tools, how are you going to work, where is the infrastructure, who enables the people who use the tools, are there new techniques that need to be learnt, who is going to think about new versions, how do you change the way you work.  This is not meant to put you off, but just a plea for some thought into these topics.  My colleagues and I who write these posts often see this lack of forethought, and we really would like you to be more productive and happier.

One of my colleagues, Peter Eeles, has written about this in more detail – you may want to look at his material here



  1. We have seen this at a large London based transport company. They bought RQM over 18 months ago, but decided at the time not to have any IBM Rational involvement in the rollout. 18 months down the line and numerous missed deadlines, they have realised that this was a mistake and are now actively engaging with IBM Rational.

    On the flipside, a small London based software company have engaged with IBM Rational from the moment the deal was closed. We have managed to successfully map their existing processes to the tooling and have involved them on every step of the implementation and they are seeing real benefit.

  2. Thx for posting this Anthony. For those that are interested, a white paper providing a comprehensive definition of a development environment is available at:

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