Posted by: Anthony Kesterton | April 11, 2011

Stories and the old story

The Agile Manifesto is a decade old this year.  Agile in general has followed the same path as many methodologies and approaches in the past, where a lot of people want the “agile badge” and forget the original premise.  Going back to the Agile Manifesto is useful to remind yourself of the purpose of agile approaches.

One of the key practices in many agile approaches is that of Stories.  There is an interesting post about splitting Stories, very useful if you are new to Stories –  It is also interesting to see if you substitute other terms in place of the term Story – many of  the suggestions are still useful.  Try rereading using “code” or “use case” or “requirement” or “test” and it still makes sense – at least in part.

Are there some fundamental patterns in software engineering we forget at our peril?


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