Posted by: Anthony Kesterton | April 26, 2011

-clean, or Installing Rational Team Concert into another Eclipse-based application

I was helping a colleague install Team Concert into Rational Software Architect today – and there were a few things we found useful that I wanted to share:

1) You usually want to add the Team Concert plugin into another tool (base Eclipse, RSA, etc) rather than the other way around.  This means you don’t break any existing functionality of your tool – just add the capabilities of Team Concert.

2) Installation Manager is the easiest way of adding RTC into an existing Eclipse instance – it checks all the pre-requisites and installs everything in the right places.

3) Do an eclipse.exe -clean on *your* application.  This forces it to reload all the plugins.

4) Once you have started your application again, check you can see Perspectives like Work Items.  If you don’t see these – Team Concert may not be installed correctly (did you do -clean first?).

5) Some tools need you to enable the Team Concert functionality.  For example, go to Windows->Preferences->Capabilities->Team and make sure the Team Concert features are enabled (it may be listed as Jazz SCM depending on what version you are using).

If you are still stuck – come along and post your question on – specifically


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