Posted by: arnoldst | May 3, 2011

Where does the time go on a software development project ?

Have you ever been on a software project and asked yourself “where has all the time gone” ?  Often the reason why a project is late, is because of all the time being spent on stuff that doesn’t help get to the end goal of a deployed system.  On an average project some 70-80% of the time could be classified as waste (waiting, hand offs, extra processes, extra features, defects, motion, partially done work).  So although automating tasks is a great thing to do, in order to deliver software faster you have to work out how to reduce the waste.  For most projects a 20% reduction in waste is easier to achieve than a 20% increase in automation, and has a much bigger impact on when the project is delivered.  If you’re interested in understanding more about how IBM’s collaborative lifecycle management tools can help, then Paula White and I have just published an article looking at how the tools can help with the various forms of software development waste.


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