Posted by: Ade | May 6, 2011

Enacting Processes with Method Composer and Team Concert

I was looking for information as to how we can make process guidance and enactment real for our customers.
For years Rational has been at the forefront of process, from RUP to Agility at scale to Distributed Agile Develelopment to Systems lead development and I wanted to take where we are at today to one of my customers.

Well there appears to be a closely guarded secret that needs to be brought into the open – RMC and RTC are integrated !!

You can generate a Process in RMC and export it as a war file, this can then easily be hosted as a webapp using the RTC web server.
You can generate Work Item templates in RMC and export/import them into an RTC process, retaining parent/child structure and iteration applicability.
You can link back to the process for guidance from each work item.
and much more.

I think every demo should have a point where we show where the enactment we are performings process has come from – what are your collective thoughts on this ?

Have a look at Jim Ruehlin’s blog post for all the details


  1. Completely agree – we keep quiet about Method Composer and not sure why!

  2. Personally I think this is a crucial link and something I discussed in one of my earlier posts about the SSE Acclerator

    Process enactment is key, it will help organisations identify how far through a process they are but with the addition of tool mentors, it is also great for reminding users how to achieve that particular process step in any given tool.

    I’m a fan.

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