Posted by: Anthony Kesterton | May 15, 2011

Start here…

In the last few days, while showing Rational Team Concert, or other Jazz-based products, to a few different groups – I have been asked for more information.  My first reaction is always to point people to but these days this site has a lot of information. So this is the start of my guided tour of all things Jazz – specifically around Team Concert. The other products follow a similar pattern.

About Jazz

An overview of the platform as a whole, and the philosophy is here:


The open-source integration points (RESTful interface) are covered via

My favourite link for a quick introduction is this video


Rational Team Concert introduction page

This has a basic overview of the product – and short video clips showing specific features of the product.

Development Wiki is here:

This is used by development as a way to keep the general conversation going about the different products – and while this links to the Team Concert material, you can find similar content on other products or the Foundation material. This content is often the source for product documentation (as appropriate).

So that’s my starting point – hope you find it useful.


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