Posted by: Paula White | June 21, 2011

Planning for analysts, developers and testers

Now Collaborative Lifecycle Management 2011(CLM) has arrived. ….One thing I have seen increased interest in is the new licensing – most importantly how planning and tracking can be adopted by a range of roles. You will find that planning and tracking  at the heart of all the CLM capabilities.

If you have licences of Analysts, Quality Professional, Developer or Contributor you will also have access to planning and tracking.

So how can this capability  be used?

It can be used for all sort of type of planning. e.g:

Waterfall development/traditional planning, producing Gantt charts to show dependencies and constraints between tasks.

Planning for requirements elicitation activities. This could be for individual teams or for resource pools of business analysts collectively working on a range of different projects and activities.

– to Rational Unified Process/Unified Process project planning, using a combination of tasks and use cases to structure plans.

Agile development – Planning for sprints, release , product backlogs. Taskboards  show more  visually the teams progress.

All of these approaches give access to dashboards that can then be used to view this information, track progress and trends. This level of transparency and metrics can help teams’ status meeting be much more productive,improve collaboration, improve governance and visibility especially of remote teams.

Another interesting consideration with planning is how to structure plans. Whether to use use cases, user stories, architecture or features to structure plans which I try and make time to blog about this soon.

Read more about planning on

Read more about CLM 2011


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