Posted by: arnoldst | June 30, 2011

Really cool new RAD/RTC code coverage integration

Ok so I’m biased – as I wrote the code!!  For the last two years I’ve been pestering the RAD development team to build a RTC advisor for code coverage – so that you can prevent deliveries if the code coverage of the files being delivered is not sufficient.  So back in december I built a prototype, which the RAD team really liked – however didn’t have time to develop it further.  So after a few evenings and weekends, I beefed up the code, and its just been released as part of RAD 8.0.3 !!

Its a pretty simple feature- when you swith it on, and try and deliver code, it checks that the coverage information is up to date, and that the coverage of the files you are delivering exceeds the levels you’ve specified in the process configuration.

Some of the motivation is two fold – it helps good agile teams maintain their code coverage and unit testing  levels with gentle reminders about running their tests and getting the required coverage, and for other teams it provides a mechanism for incrementally improving their unit testing and code coeverage.  i.e. for a project with poor levels of coverage and unit testing, you can incrementally improve it as you modify the code – so the modified code will have good levels of testing, and the overally quality of the code and tests will improve over time.

So hopefully this integration will provide something for everyone – for good agile teams it will help them maintain their existing level, and for other teams it will support them in creating some incremental improvements.

You can see the other details of whats new in 8.0.3 here.



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