Posted by: uktestexpert | August 19, 2011

IBM Speaker at EuroSTAR Virtual Conference 2011

Scott Rich (Distinguished Engineer and Technical Lead for the Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution at IBM Rational) will be presenting at the EuroSTAR Virtual Conference 2011.

Scott will be presenting on “Hang on, DevOps, what about DevTest?”

The topic of ‘DevOps’ integrating Development and Operations in efficient and automated ways, is getting a lot of attention these days. But doesn’t that assume we’ve already solved ‘DevTest’, the collaborative and effective integration of Development and Testing?

In his session, Scott Rich will assert that Development and Testing are still islands in most shops and that some trends in tooling are actually making it worse rather than better.

Can Collaborative Lifecycle Management tooling and OSLC integration standards save the day?

Click here to register.

Straight after his presentation, Scott will be taking part in a live Q&A session.





  1. Having seen Scott present quite a few times, he is an excellent speaker and this should be a great session

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