Posted by: Anthony Kesterton | October 6, 2011

Shiny and new – Day 2 of Innovate UK in the new IBM South Bank Forum

Mark (markrational) and I have been very busy with the Innovate UK conference over the last few weeks. Today we went to check the setup for the hands-on workshops (we call them PoT’s) and IT-related session in the new IBM Forum in South Bank. The new forum has just opened – and looks great. The hardware setup for the PoT’s is rather interesting. Each screen/keyboard/mouse is connected to a small device behind the screen, which is turn connects to a blade server setup in the building. All the PoT’s images are stored and run on the blade server. This does mean we can reconfigure the rooms very quickly and easily and is a great improvement on the more typical VM image copy process (esp as these images can get very big).

We hope to see you at the conference next week. Mark and I will be the people running around a lot – and I might have a mic in hand and a camera in tow.


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