Posted by: Anthony Kesterton | May 9, 2012

Backups of your backups

With the enthusiasm for all things Cloud – the experience of Atlassian JIRA customers (described here: is a sobering reminder that you can’t just ignore the basics – just because you are “using the Cloud”. 

Backup and disaster recovery procedures have been around for a long time – and these apply to the Cloud too.  If you have a cloud-based service, think about what happens when the service is not available (or worse still – in the Atlassian example – your data is gone!).  How do you recover your service?  How long can you afford to be without the service?  And who is going to respond from your service provider if things do go wrong?  To reuse a phrase – “think the unthinkable” and plan accordingly.

No harm in applying those ideas to your digital life at home too.  You are potentially one disk crash or power surge from all your treasured photos, etc going for ever.  I nearly had that situation when we had a hard disk crash at home – so now we have a cloud-based backup, and we keep the key photos on Picassa, and on a USB disk (too much data for DVD storage – roll on Bluray) and we could probably recover a lot of pics from friends and family (and FB).  and I am still nervous….

If these words cause you to question the security of your service (cloud-based or otherwise), then good.  If this just makes you think – “I really must make provision for this – but another day” – think again!


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