Posted by: uktestexpert | June 27, 2012

UK RUG Meeting – Mobile, OSLC, PureSystems

This mini-conference meeting, hosted by ECS Arrow at The Royal Exchange, will bring together speakers from both customers, independent experts, and IBM, to present, discuss and share expertise on topics related to IBM Rational solutions and the challenges faced by software delivery teams.

A specific focus will be on the topics of Mobile solutions development, PureSystems, and OSLC.

The current list of speakers and activities for the day.
Timings are still to be established, and the agenda is still subject to change:

Anthony Kesterton, IBM Rational – Rational Update
Join Anthony to discover what’s been happening in the world of IBM Rational, recent events, product announcements, and some insights from Anthony’s own work in advancing the future of Rational’s solutions.

Jon Walton, IBM Rational – Rational’s Mobile Strategy
Mobile computing is the next big evolution within IT and as a result mobile application development is high on the agenda of many organisations. IBM and Rational have a well defined strategy to help clients develop such applications and deal with the many unique characteristics found in this area.

Parham Vasaiely, EADS – OSLC, A tool integration standard
The Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) is an open community initiative with the aim of creating specifications for how tools, in different engineering lifecycles, can be integrated to share data and information.

Richard Watson, IBM Rational – What’s now and Next, IBM Rational DOORS
Learn about the new innovations around DOORS 9.4, experience first hand how OSLC is providing visibility to a common set of requirements across your entire team and hear about the future direction and strategy for IBM Rational DOORS

Speaker TBC, IBM Rational – An introduction to PureSystems
Learn more about this new offering from IBM

John Watkins, IBM Rational – A Tour of the Royal Exchange
A chance to see the site over lunch, some of it behind the scenes, and how it has developed into both a business and retail site.

Click Here to register for this event.


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