Posted by: Anthony Kesterton | January 30, 2013

RoboChallange 2013 – let the fun begin

You may have seen my previous posts about the IBM RoboChallange that IBM runs in London, in conjunction with Lambert Council.  Some of my fellow IBM’ers and I get to assigned to different local primary schools and spend an hour or so each week helping a group of children use Lego Mindstorms kits.  The children are usually aged between 9 and 11, and learn to build and programme the robots for a variety of tasks.  And in a month or so – we all spend a Saturday at IBM SouthBank when the schools compete with their robots.  They have to get the robots to dance, move in a specific pattern, race (my team won that section last year!), and then take on an unseen challange (usually something to do with a maze).  They also have to present on what they learnt,how they worked together, etc to a panel of very enthusiastic and supportive judges.  On the day of the competition, it is just the children that do the work – the IBM’ers and teachers (and parents) are not allowed to help. We are allowed to look on anxiously from the sidelines 🙂

I am particularly pleased to have another tech professional from the Rational Financial Services Sector team working with me this year – so I am not the only one who gets to spend some time “playing Lego” each week.

First session at our school will be tomorrow – and let the fun begin!


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